Beer: Kirin Tanrei Green Label

Kirin Tanrei Green

While on a search for beers with low calories, found this third-category-beer from Kirin. Sugars are cut by 70%, and one can definitely taste where those sugars have been cut. Not a beer to drink regularly…or ever again.


Beer: Yebisu Premium Black

Yebisu Premium Black

Horrible beer. It was on par with a Japanese third category dark beer such as Mugi-to-Hop. I did not like Silk Yebisu, but consider this to be the dark beer version of Silk Yebisu. Not worth the money. I am sorry.

Beer: Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

Chocolate Stout

The whiff of pure chocolate that comes out when you open the bottle is simply astonishing. The palate reacts soothingly to the full bodied stout and the aroma of dark chocolate.

Beer: Yebisu (Bottled)

Yebisu Bottle

Bottled Yebisu is one of my favorite beers to wind down on. A reliable brew, I feel that the bottled version tastes better than the canned ones, but cannot explain why I choose one over the other.

Beer: Sapporo Kuradashi Draft Beer

Sapporo Kuradashi

A canned version of the seasonal Sapporo Kuradashi Draft Beer. A pleasant change from the regular stock pilsner of Sapporo.

Beer: Asahi the Extra

Asahi Extra

A surprisingly solid brew from the makers of the horridly light Asahi Super Dry, this Asahi the Extra was one of the very few Asahis that actually tasted good.

Beer: Yebisu Joel Robuchon

Yebisu Robuchon

A seasonal limited brew from Yebisu, this time the brewery collaborated with Joel Robuchon, the famed French restauranteur, to produce a beer with more depth than the regular Yebisu. A pity that it was only a limited offer.